Ksana Health Founder weighs in on Psychedelics & Technology

Palo Santo, a venture fund focused on psychedelic therapeutics and a Ksana Health investor, took a survey of the perspectives of a number of thought leaders in the psychedelics space in light of the ongoing crisis of distress and violence going on in the US. One of the thought leaders was Ksana Health founder, Dr. Nick Allen, PhD. The healthful potential of psychedelics will be limited if ethical and complementary technologies are not used alongside them.

At Ksana Health, we believe in the potential of continuous behavior measurement & intervention to provide treaters and the treated a richer insight into the moment-to-moment experience and effect of psychedelic therapy. This rich real-world measurement will make for better therapeutic experiences, optimizations, and alliances. We have recently entered an agreement with Beckley PsyTech to aid their Phase 2 trials.

Take a read at the Palo Santo blog post. Do reach to us if you are aware of any clinical studies, psychedelic or otherwise, which can benefit from the innovation of continuous behavior measurement.

Craig DeLarge

19 August 2022

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