Pioneering digital enhancement for Veteran and Military mental health

In our commitment to honoring the immense sacrifices of our nation’s heroes, Vira offers innovative solutions to enhance mental health support, amplifying traditional therapeutic methods without altering the foundational approach of dedicated practitioners.

Addressing the unique challenges facing those who have served our country

Veterans confront a myriad of intense challenges upon separating from military operations. Many grapple with substance abuse, PTSD, and depression, all of which compound the risk of suicide. For those diagnosed with PTSD, merely describing daily moods and behaviors in traditional therapy sessions often falls short. Recognizing these limitations and the multifaceted struggles our veterans face, we are committed to offering the comprehensive care they require. The Vira platform is designed to intuitively understand these challenges and address the essence of their daily experiences.


Honoring Our Warriors' Trust

We understand the sanctity of personal information, especially when it concerns our nation’s warriors. We adhere to a stringent privacy protocol: no raw data is retained or transmitted. Every piece of information processed is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality, ensuring our veterans can trust in the platform’s commitment to their privacy and security. Peace of mind is our priority.

Leveraging technology to support our Heroes

While round-the-clock observation by a counselor is unfeasible, the Vira platform bridges this divide. By analyzing activity, Vira pinpoints behavioral statistics and critical risk factors, providing counselors with an in-depth insight into their patients, which enables far more personalized treatments. Vira’s non-intrusive approach captures pivotal data points, seamlessly integrating with a user’s mobile activity to offer a holistic view of their behavior, mood, and overall well-being.

Securely delivering digital insights for enhanced understanding

Vira stands as a pioneering, discreet system, gleaning crucial data points to discern an individual’s behavior and mood. With concise questionnaires, it seamlessly functions in the background of a user’s mobile device, gathering insights from elements like specific words or phrases, social media usage, and sleep habits. Beyond this, Vira taps into activity and location metrics to comprehend a patient’s physical movements, social interactions, and periods of solitude. Within the platform, this data is analyzed to highlight behavioral trends and potential risk indicators. Such evaluations are promptly relayed to the user’s counselor, equipping them with deeper insights to craft tailored therapeutic strategies.


Seamless therapy, prioritizing comfort while nurturing trust in the process.

Behavioral awareness

Discover how actions shape mood, gain personalized insights.

Proactive risk support

Vira detects risk patterns, promptly sending supportive 'nudges' to enhance veterans' safety and well-being.

Therapy beyond walls

Integrate traditional therapy with continuous outside support, enhanced communication, and tailored assistance.

Person using computer

Secure Sharing

Confidently share data with practitioners and embrace a higher level of accountability.

Your reported enjoyment dashboard with graphs

Better progress tracking

Vira ensures more informed decisions, personalized interventions, and a clearer roadmap to well-being.

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