Bringing Therapy Out of the Office and Into Clients’ Daily Lives

Improving mental health outcomes through a digitally enhanced platform that delivers personalized just-in-time intervention.
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Vira by Ksana Health

Our product is uniquely positioned to improve the quality and delivery of behavioral health care

Rapid Scalability and Reducing Cost of Care:

Vira by Ksana uses smartphones as a passive sensing device, requiring no special equipment or additional costs for users who already use a smartphone. There are none of the dependencies, costs, complex logistics or supply chain constraints typically associated with utilizing specialized hardware.

Higher Quality of Care:

Practitioners will have the benefit of receiving objective data and insights, allowing them to monitor therapy compliance and efficacy, therapy plans between sessions, regardless of where they or their patients are physically located.

Improving Productivity Across the System:

In addition to remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutic capabilities, Vira provides administrator and supervisor dashboards to monitor practitioner case mix, patient progress, and the intervention and therapy techniques used by each of the practitioners.

Improving Access:

Coupled with telehealth, Vira by Ksana delivers a digitally enhanced approach to remote care, providing state-of-the-art care to patients with and without access to a community-based provider. Vira by Ksana also works to sustain therapy plans and mental health improvements between therapy sessions for all users.

Vira Fits Your Clinical Workflow

Your client uses their smartphone normally and answers 2 daily questions. Vira automatically combines their objective behaviors and question responses to provide personal insights into the habits related to their mood.

Client data are displayed on your practitioner portal in an easy-to-read format, so you can build a personalized treatment plan. The plan can be supported by “nudges” that are delivered to the client’s phone to support behavior change between in-person sessions. The system allows you to quickly learn what works best for each client.

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Vira for Practitioners

Vira allows practitioners to conduct continuous assessment and intervention for mental health problems using their clients’ personal smartphones - no other equipment is necessary. By using these data and communication tools, Vira helps practitioners to:

Gain objective insights into client functioning between visits

Implement effective treatment by using “just-in-time” mobile interventions to support positive behavior change in the real world

Improve client outcomes, all on an easy-to-use platform that fits into your existing workflow

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Vira for Individuals

Get personalized insights for your path to happiness.

How Does it Work?

The Vira mobile app for iOS and Android help you access the right level of mental health care at the moment you need it. Vira associates your daily mood ratings with objective behavior to provide personal insights into the habits that shape your mood. Your therapist can also use that information to build a therapy plan that is tailored to your unique needs.

Increase Self-Awareness

Vira helps to improve your self-care by providing insight into which of your daily habits and activities help you feel like your best self, improving your overall mood and sense of accomplishment.

Get Personalized Care

We believe that mental health is unique to each individual, so mental health care should be tailored to the individual too. With Vira, you get support that fits with your current needs, based on your unique behavioral patterns. Vira is designed to learn what behaviors give you the greatest sense of enjoyment and growth, rather than comparing your unique needs to averages or generalizations.

Improve Your Experience in Therapy

Vira can also help improve your experience in therapy by connecting you with your practitioner between appointments. Get more out of working with a therapist by sharing your data in a secure and private manner so that they get more insight into how you are progressing between appointments, and can better support you in achieving your mental health goals with just-in-time nudges that remind you to follow through on these commitments.

Benefit From The Value of Your Own Data

Vira learns which behaviors support your positive mood and wellbeing, and those personal data are reflected back to you through an easy-to-use and intuitive app.

Only you can choose who to share this data with, such as sharing them with your mental health practitioner, so that they can help you more effectively.

With Vira you can see the progress from your day-to-day efforts to make positive change.

Vira can take greater control of your health by learning about hidden patterns in your behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the consumer mobile app only be available in conjunction with a practitioner?

Vira is available as a standalone app on both iOS and Android devices through the app stores. The standalone app will utilize the advanced capabilities and insights we developed to help individuals with anxiety, depression and others. Since the mobile app relies on passive data capture – it is much more user-friendly and accurate than other mental health apps that rely on extensive self-reporting.

What mobile sensing variables does Vira capture?
  • Motion
  • General mobility
  • Frequency of keyboard usage and patterns of usage
  • Language sentiment
  • Frequency of communication with others
  • Length of time on calls
What is required of a Vira user?

Download the app, let it run in the background, and answer two simple questions a day. It’s that easy!