Improve outcomes with the next generation of measurement based care.

Harness the power of technology to elevate your practice. Improve mental health outcomes through a digitally enhanced platform that delivers personalized behavioral insight and just-in-time intervention.

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Improved care

Improves care with objective insights, tailored therapy, and automated engagement between appointments.


Easy to use

Saves time with smart automations, and augments ability to deliver successful, evidence-based therapy.


Improve service productivity and profitability

Supports accountable care reimbursement and improves service productivity.


HIPAA compliant

A trusted platform that safeguards protected health information.

How Vira Works

Client App

Clients use their smartphone normally and answer one daily question, Vira combines the responses with objective behavior data to provide personal insights into mood-related habits and shares this data with their practitioner.

Practitioner and Administrator Portals

Vira provides practitioners with objective, continuous measurement and insight of their client’s behavioral patterns between appointments. Send clients automated, digital therapeutic support, resources and questionnaires that arrive just-in-time.

Personalized Care

A path to happiness through personalized insights & support

Vira offers insights into your client’s mood and behavior. By collecting data on your client’s daily activities, Vira provides you with valuable information that can help you tailor your treatment plan and support them in achieving their mental health goals. With Vira, you can connect with your clients between appointments for timely support and communication, using real-time data to guide your interactions.

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Empowering Better Mental Health

Vira for individuals, practitioners, and organizations

More Effective Treatment

Maximize patient care while staying true to your therapeutic approach

Vira provides objective insights into behavior patterns between appointments, digitally transforming your care without changing your therapeutic approach. Vira also enables you to easily send and track validated clinical rating scales and questionnaires, automate therapy plans, apply best-practice behavior change science, and share resources with your patients to track progress and improve skills.

Proof is in the praise

Individuals & practitioners love Vira

“Vira has been helping me to keep on track with my day-to-day life. I have been keeping up with my activities because of the reminders. I learned how much better I feel when I make things a priority that make me happy.”


“I was able to have more in-depth conversations with [my client]. She was more proactive in her well-being.”


“An innovative digital platform with high potential for public health impact.”


Provide better care with Vira