About Us

क्षण • ksana

an instant, a moment, an opportunity

Ksana is the smallest unit of time in which a change can be made. This word was chosen as the name of our company to reflect the “just-in-time” intervention point, the moment of behavioral change, that can impact someone’s trajectory towards mental well-being. Ksana Health believes in using this moment to empower people to improve their lives through behavioral change.

Our vision

Enable better living by using technology to provide personalized insights and interventions that improve mental health care, bringing therapy out of the office and into everyday life.

Our mission

Use research evidence and modern technology to revolutionize the delivery of mental health care through remote behavioral monitoring and adaptive, continuous behavior change support.

Our story

Ksana Health was founded in 2019 in Eugene, Oregon to make the tools and findings developed by the University of Oregon’s Center for Digital Mental Health into products and services that will transform mental health care and research. Led by Dr. Nick Allen, a Professor of Clinical Psychology with extensive research and clinical experience, and Tony Scripa a former partner level Microsoft executive and experienced startup leader, Ksana Health aims to give clients, practitioners, administrators, and researchers the digital tools that will define the future of mental health. These objective, passive remote patient monitoring tools make ongoing assessment easy and accessible to researchers, behavioral health leaders, practitioners, and health systems.