White Paper: Introduction to Continuous Behavioral Health Measurement & Intervention

For many years, mental and behavioral health care providers have effectively used surveys and validated scales to measure mental health status. These scales, like the PHQ-9 and GAD-7, have wide usage.

A New Methodology for Objective Behavioral Health Measurement

The mass adoption and use of smartphones can give people access to sensor data. These data continually, passively, objectively, and remotely capture information about the condition of behavior of individuals. Examples of such information include patterns of mobility, physical activity, sleep, and language usage patterns—like what is typed into the device.

Patterns of Insight

These sensor data can then be analyzed using different digital methods. Through analysis, these data can be translated into patterns of insight into mental wellness. These insights are a powerful complement to traditional measurements.

Ksana Health calls this method of assessment continuous behavioral health measurement.

Ksana has developed platforms for measurement:

  • EARS, for academic researchers
  • Vira, for clinical providers


In addition, our provider platform, Vira, allows for the delivery of just-in-time interventions in response to insights. 

Continuous Behavioral Health Measurement

In this white paper, Introduction to Continuous Behavioral Health Measurement, it outlines what continuous behavioral health measurement is. The paper includes details on benefits, evidence, process, and considerations when implementing this measurement.

If you are looking for a measurement and intervention capability which can significantly increase your ability to improve your services based on real-world data, please review this white paper.

In addition, you can request a demo to discuss how we may partner with you on research or clinical services.

Craig DeLarge

12 April 2022

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