Ksana Health partners with Beckley PsyTech!

At Ksana Health, we provide our continuous behavior measurement platform (CBHM), Effortless Assessment of Risk States (EARS), to clinical researchers. This platform has given them richer insight into the passive behavior of their study participants. Recently, we have been exploring how this platform can help psychedelic pharma better understand the behavioral effects of its medications. An important incremental value of EARS is its ability to measure behavior in real-time, between clinic visits and beyond study participant self-reporting.

We are gratified to announce our first partnership with a psychedelic pharma company, Beckley PsyTech! This partnership focuses on the collection and analysis of digital biomarkers. This focus will identify signs of response and relapse in Phase 2 clinical trials. It will also track and improve the patient experience Beckley PsyTech is developing alongside its medication.

This partnership strengthens Ksana Health’s track record in applying its CBHM capability to a broad array of clinical research contexts. Read more in this press release.

If you are a researcher, running studies with real-world behavioral endpoints, we would love to demonstrate our capability for you. Our demo request form is here.


Craig DeLarge

4 August 2022

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