Podcast Alert: Novo Nordisk’s Business Innovation Garage speaks to the value of Partnering with Innovative Startups

Recently Ksana Health was highlighted in an interview with Matt Dugan, Head of Business Innovation Garage at Global IT, Novo Nordisk. Kim Stensdal of The Danish IT Society conducted this interview on the podcast, Tech og strategi i øjenhøjde (Tech & Strategy at Eye-Level). At around 10 minutes and 30 seconds in this episode, Matt mentions Ksana Health’s continuous behavior measurement offering and its partnership role in the Incubator’s digital innovation portfolio.

We love the Incubator’s vision around 5D (drug, device, digital, data, diagnostics) products, services, and solutions! We are so proud to lend the value of continuous, passive, smartphone sensor-generated, real-world behavioral data to the Incubator’s work of addressing chronic illness earlier and continuously.

Please call if you are interested to hear how we can enhance your real-world data & evidence projects.

Craig DeLarge

19 August 2022

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