Stigma Podcast: Measuring Mental Health with Stephen Hays & Nick Allen


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Stephen Hays is the host of the Stigma Podcast where he leverages his experiences in recovery from addiction and mental illness (bipolar) and his experience as an investor in dozens of startups to drive a conversation around the intersection of entrepreneurship, mental health, addiction, recovery, tech, and investing. The podcast features stories of addiction, mental illness, recovery, hope and wellness with input from clinicians, addicts, entrepreneurs and advocates for mental health.

In this episode he talks with Ksana Health Co-Founder Dr. Nick Allen about his background in psychology, his focus on adolescent mental health, and about his decision to build Ksana Health starting in 2019. Ksana Health uses remote patient monitoring technology to objectively and passively measure mental well-being on a continuous basis. Objective data from this assessment is provided to clinicians to better treat their patients.

Nick and Stephen discuss what is coming up next for Ksana Health post fundraising, projects that Ksana is pursuing, and what benefits will come from these company expansions. They talk about groups Ksana is most interested in working with and how that work will lead to less crisis in mental health overall.

Nick discusses the history of different attempts at digital phenotyping, why those did not work in the past, and how Ksana Health is doing it more efficiently.

Dr. Allen also shares advice for those who are starting to explore this space as investors and entrepreneurs, and opportunities to get involved.

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Learn about Vira by Ksana Health: Vira Mobile Therapy Platform

John Brewster

23 September 2021

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