​Ksana Health wins 2019 Eugene Register-Guard Innovation Award for Social Impact

We are humbled and grateful to receive the 2019 The Register-Guard Innovation Award for Social Impact. This recognition is “given to organizations or individuals for developing and implementing innovative solutions to important societal challenges, helping to improve life in Lane County.”

Honorees are chosen for their contribution to the community, as well as for their innovative spirit.

“Leaping forward with wild and wonderful ideas, inventing the systems, hardware, and software that will move us all on to the Next Big Thing.”

In the The Register-Guard article highlighting award recipients, our CEO, Dr. Nick Allen, described turning his research at the Center for Digital Mental Health into products that individuals can use on a daily basis. He says, “One of the great challenges of academic life, is that we’re quite good at generating knowledge, but we’re not good at getting it into people’s hands.” His work at the Center for Digital Mental Health looks at both the benefits and burdens of digital tools, bringing to light the ways young people can leverage these tools to connect with their communities, and improve their own wellbeing. Given the alarming rate of suicide among young people and health equity gaps in the U.S. mental healthcare system, Dr. Allen made it his mission to leverage digital tools to make mental health care more accessible, scalable, and effective, building Ksana Health on that same mission.

This Social Impact Award recipient video captures the essence of our mission:

Click here to read the full story on Ksana Health, and to meet our fellow changemakers honored this year by The Register-Guard.

Lindsay Fasser

27 December 2019

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