Ksana Health Secures $2M Seed Round and Residency in Anthem Digital Incubator!

We are thrilled to announce the limited release of our Vira Platform with Support from the Anthem Digital Incubator and Seed Venture Funding!

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Ksana Health proudly accepted an invitation from Anthem to join the Anthem Digital Incubator, among fellow innovative and mission-driven organizations. We also celebrate our seed round closing this week, led by re.Mind Capital, the new global mental health fund backed by Christian Angermayer. Both our residency and our seed round will open the doors for us to pilot our newest product: the Vira Mobile Therapy Platform. Thank you to re.Mind Capital, Anthem, Inc, and our incredible team of investors for helping us revolutionize the delivery of mental health care!

Standard behavioral healthcare has traditionally relied on subjective self-reporting and periodic observations. Vira by Ksana Health digitally transforms the practice of behavioral healthcare by converting the quantifiable behavioral patterns that are continuously and passively collected by smartphones into actionable and objective insights for practitioners and their patients. Practitioners can now develop personalized therapy plans that support positive behavior change through just-in-time “nudges” and communication.

By tackling the structural flaws in current approaches to mental health care, the Vira Platform has the potential to digitally transform mental health care to make it more accessible, scalable and effective through continuous remote patient monitoring, objective data, digital therapeutics, and seamless navigation across different levels of care, supporting people how and when they need it. As our CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Nick Allen puts it,

“One of the biggest problems with mental health services is that they’re stuck in the office or limited to weekly Zoom calls. The Vira Platform allows practitioners to work more efficiently and effectively by utilizing real-time data to develop personalized interventions that meet patients where they are.”   

Our acceptance into the Anthem Digital Incubator (ADI) is a huge milestone that will help us grow and innovate with fellow organizations in the health tech space. During our residency, we will pilot Vira within Beacon Health Options, a leading behavioral health services company with approximately 37 million members. ADI is part of Anthem Inc.’s Innovation group and is an invitation-only initiative providing resident companies with support, unique growth and educational opportunities, as well as customized coaching for their innovative solution.

Innovation in mental health care is needed now more than ever, with already increasing levels of anxiety and depression being exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the American Psychiatric Association, more than one-third of Americans (36%) say the pandemic is having a serious impact on their mental health. As the healthcare industry witnesses an accelerated shift to remote patient monitoring and virtual care, both patients and practitioners are demanding new approaches that are more personalized and accessible. Our investment team and the Anthem Digital Incubator community believe in our mission, and we are excited to innovate and grow with them.

“In mental health, the elephant in the room is measurement. Our tools for measuring mental health are stuck in the Stone Age, with patients filling out subjective mood surveys while already sitting in the therapist’s office. We need something like a Fitbit for our mental health: passive, continuous and totally objective. And that’s exactly what Ksana is building.”

-Jan Hardorp, Founding Partner at re.Mind Capital Ltd. 

In addition to being the lead investor, Jan Hardorp will join our board of advisors to continue sharing his expertise as we grow. The seed round also includes participation from WPSS Investments, Panoramic Ventures, the Telosity Fund, Palo Santo Venture Fund, and Able Partners. All share our excitement and mission for digital transformation in healthcare. “Ksana Health is continuing to transform an industry that has already seen monumental change in this past year,” shared Anish Srivastava, CEO of Telosity by Vinaj Ventures. “We’re thrilled about The Vira Platform and the opportunity to leverage objective assessment to make the personalization of mental healthcare a reality.”

If you’d like to learn more about Vira, please visit our product page or schedule a demo to see the platform in action! Please note, Vira is currently available for limited release with strategic customers.

Meet our Seed Round Investors!

ABOUT RE.MIND CAPITAL: re.Mind Capital is the mental health venture arm of Christian Angermayer and his family office Apeiron Investment Group. Angermayer is best-known for his pioneering investments into psychedelics-based treatments for mental health, and is a co-founder of Atai Life Sciences and seed investor of Compass Pathways. With re.Mind, together with partners Jan Hardorp and Max de Vere, he invests in companies with radical new ideas to improve mental health and wellbeing globally. Visit: www.apeiron-investments.com

ABOUT WPSS INVESTMENTS: WPSS Investments is a Venture Capital fund focused on finding the most revolutionary diagnostics, treatments and cures for neuropsychiatric disorders. Founded and led by an entrepreneurial investment team, WPSS provides funds early stage companies led by business savvy scientists and engineers with a drive to change the world. WPSS’ Investments span psychedelic medicine, non-invasive devices, novel biomarkers and diagnostics, amongst others. Visit: https://wpssinvestments.com/

ABOUT PANORAMIC VENTURES: Panoramic Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Atlanta that takes a “wider-view” approach to investing by targeting the Southeast and Midwest and placing a focus on diverse founders and university startups. Panoramic opens new doors for overlooked founders, giving more entrepreneurs access to capital to build leading tech companies. For more information, visit www.panoramic.vc or follow Panoramic Ventures on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter @panoramicvc.

ABOUT TELOSITY BY VINAJ VENTURES: The Telosity Fund was launched by Vinaj Ventures with a focus on investing in early stage companies offering both scalable and affordable digital mental wellbeing solutions for people between the ages of 10 and 24 years old. Committed to the success of their companies, The Telosity Fund developed a targeted ecosystem and subject matter expert approach to support portfolio companies beyond the capital that they invest. Visit https://www.telosity.co/

ABOUT PALO SANTO VENTURE PARTNERS: Palo Santo’s diversified investment fund is helping to increase the supply of clinically effective and accessible mental health and addiction treatment solutions needed in today’s world. Visit https://www.palosanto.vc/

ABOUT ABLE PARTNERS: An investment partnership supporting passionate entrepreneurs and inspiring brands that will make the daily lives of people healthier, happier, and more enlightened. Visit https://ablepartners.nyc/

Craig DeLarge

15 June 2021

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