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Digital Mental Health Chat with Eugene Regional Accelerator

Tyger Gruber from Tyger Talks interviews our COO and Co-Founder Will Shortt about our digital mental health product, and they discuss their experiences with the Eugene Regional Accelerator. Check out the full Fireside Founder Chat as part of Tyger's Fireside Chat series on Facebook Live.

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Ksana Health receives the University of Oregon Venture Launch Grant to accelerate launch

We are grateful and excited to receive a venture launch grant from our original home base - the University of Oregon! The research that supports Ksana Health products was done at the Center for Digital Mental Health, and Dr. Nick Allen is an Ann Swindells Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training at the University. Chuck Williams, UO Associate Vice President for Innovation said, “It is a core mission of the University of Oregon to help our faculty bring their innovations from aca

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Dr. Nick Allen Interviewed for Statnews: Privacy in Mental Health Apps

This article is one of many in the Digital Health era that asks, how does a person benefit from their smartphone data being collected by mental health apps? As stated in the article, "Phone apps hold enormous promise for mental health research and treatment, and could even prevent acute episodes of psychosis or suicide attempts. They’re always with the patient, unobtrusively monitoring sleep patterns, movements, location, and social interactions, providing clinicians insight into a person’s life

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Ksana Health Recognized as a “Groundbreaker in Healthtech!"

From left: Co-founders of FleetNurse Corrina Pigg and Israel Angeles. Co-Founders of Ksana Health, Will Shortt and Dr. Nick Allen. Credit: Jacob Pace/For the Register-Guard Ksana Health was recently featured in The Register-Guard alongside fellow Eugene-based startup, FleetNurse. We both received recognition for our innovative approaches to changing existing healthcare systems, using advances in technology to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. As stated in the feature, we are excite

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​Ksana Health wins 2019 Eugene Register-Guard Innovation Award for Social Impact!

We are humbled and grateful to receive the 2019 Eugene Register-Guard Innovation Award for Social Impact. This recognition is "given to organizations or individuals for developing and implementing innovative solutions to important societal challenges, helping to improve life in Lane County." Honorees are chosen for their contribution to the community, as well as for their innovative spirit, "Leaping forward with wild and wonderful ideas, inventing the systems, hardware, and software that will mo

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Digital technology and adolescent wellbeing - A debate between Drs. Nick Allen and Jonathan Haidt

Nature Science Journal recently published a pro and con analysis of digital technology and its effect on adolescent mental health. Dr. Nick Allen presented the "pro" analysis, arguing that behavioral health researchers, mental health practitioners and individuals alike should use digital technology to their advantage, leveraging these powerful tools to improve mental health. In acknowledging the suggestive evidence that mental health is harmed by social media and digital activity, Dr. Allen says

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Science Magazine Article on Mobile Assessment for the Prediction of Suicide (MAPS) Research Study

Nick is co-investigator on the Mobile Assessment for the Prediction of Suicide (MAPS) research project. Science Magazine wrote a nice article outlining the rising trend of teen suicide and how the MAPS team is using mobile technology to detect a spike in suicidal risk. Our own EARS digital mental health research platform serves as the underlying technology for monitoring and collecting data. Full article here.

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Can Tracking Teens Cell Phones Predict Suicide?

Background data on the video is built, in part, on the research I've been working on regarding mobile phone interaction behaviors and association to suicidal thoughts.

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Ksana Health Selected to Support the Next Stage of the Landmark ABCD Study

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study is the largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the history of the United States. They have selected the Ksana Health EARS Research Platform to support the second major stage of the study to provide an integrated system to help understand how adolescents use their mobile phones and the impact of the devices on their brain development and mental health. “The EARS platform stood out for its ability to automatically and

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