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Ksana Health Secures $2M Seed Round and Residency in Anthem Digital Incubator!

We are thrilled to announce the limited release of our Vira Platform with Support from the Anthem Digital Incubator and Seed Venture Funding!

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Improving Access to Behavioral Healthcare: Themes and Resources from TAG Digital Health Society

Dr. Nick Allen was honored to join a panel of esteemed panelists on March 17th to discuss technology-enabled behavioral health. This event brought to light several thought-provoking themes and insightful resources, which are highlighted below. The conversation centers on a shared mission of Health Equity, especially in treating mental health on par physical health, as well as a shared optimism for progress with increased adoption of digital solutions Please be sure to review our discussion point

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Honoring Some Incredible Women who Shaped Today's Work in Psychology

This month and every month, we honor the incredible female and femme psychologists who have shaped how psychology is practiced today. Below are a handful of their many stories. Anna Freud (1885-1982) Image Source Anna Freud is the youngest daughter of Sigmund Freud, and while not as widely recognized as her father, she has her own groundbreaking contributions to ego psychology. This includes the analysis of defense mechanisms that the ego uses to protect itself from anxiety, and the foundations

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Upcoming discussion hosted by the Technology Association of Georgia: featuring Dr. Nick Allen!

TAG Presents: Improving access to behavioral healthcare: A discussion around technology-enabled behavioral health March 17, 9am-11am PST COVID-19 is changing the way we look at behavioral health, bringing it into the mainstream of public discourse on health care and wellness. This event will explore the current state of behavioral health, the challenges of supporting vulnerable populations and improving equitable access to care, and innovative approaches and platforms working to bridge this gap.

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Honoring the Black Psychologists who made (and are making!) U.S. History

At Ksana Health, we honor the Black psychologists who made, (and are actively making), history in the mental health care field. Their work recognizes the barriers to mental health care to marginalized communities and people with different lived experiences. We honor their important work, in Black History Month and year-round, to break the stigmas and accessibility barriers that Black and other underserved communities face in accessing quality mental health care. Here is a small collection of the

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Webinar: How EARS solves key problems in remote behavioral health research

Ksana Health hosted our first webinar this week, and we were delighted to share our work with a global audience. We discussed how objective remote sensing can provide unique new insights into health and human behavior, and addressed exciting new approaches to implementing mobile device based behavioral research. If you were unable to join, no worries! Watch the recording with this link. .

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Podcast: Emotional functioning in the transition from childhood to adolescence, and beyond

This week, Dr. Nick Allen joined the Association for Child & Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) in conversation, to address early life stress and its impact on the cognitive transition between childhood and adolescence.

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Ksana Health Selected to Support the Next Stage of the Landmark ABCD Study

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study is the largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the history of the United States. They have selected the Ksana Health EARS Research Platform to support the second major stage of the study to provide an integrated system to help understand how adolescents use their mobile phones and the impact of the devices on their brain development and mental health. “The EARS platform stood out for its ability to automatically and

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Can Tracking Teens Cell Phones Predict Suicide?

Background data on the video is built, in part, on the research I've been working on regarding mobile phone interaction behaviors and association to suicidal thoughts.

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